About Us

Established in 2015, Desert Holiday Tours is a reputed travel company based in Abu Dhabi. The company is authorized by the Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi and offers its services to both B2B and B2C clients. We provide the best travel management services one can find in Abu Dhabi. Our team comprises of a wide range of talented employees including professional travel advisors, agent and guide consultant.

We give you the best of travel, adventure and comfort at affordable rates. As a leading tour operator we are your one stop solution and will handle matters such as international holiday packages, hotel reservations, tours, excursions and visa processes for your convenience.

Our commitment and dedication to ensure customer’s satisfaction has made us the No.1 choice for many tourists. At Desert Holiday Tours, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction at all times, making your holiday in the UAE a smooth and hassle-free trip to be cherished forever.

We owe it all to our loyal clients from across the globe for using our services as Abu Dhabi's best local tour operator for an amazing wholesome travel experience in the UAE.

Our success is due to the efforts taken by our team to understand individuals travel interest and need and provide suitable tour package. We also organize various activities that cater to each customers’ individual requirements. Our services are comprehensive and are never limited. Some of the additional services provided as transportation, from picking them up from the airport to taking them around for adventure tours like desert safari tours, city tours, outdoor activities, and much more.

Moreover, as a reputed travel and tourism organization, we have served as travel advisors who assist clients with helpful tips that can be followed during a vacation in the UAE. Desert Holiday Tours is a reliable tour operator company based in Abu Dhabi not because we say so, but because of all the appreciation, the company has received from many locals and foreigners alike.

Among the many tour operator companies in Abu Dhabi, we always stand out owing to the unmatchable rates and customer service we offer. If you wish to explore Abu Dhabi conveniently, we will make all arrangements for you to do so as the best tour company in UAE.

Our Vision

To bring your travel dreams to life through a top-notch service offered at all times.

What we offer

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Group Tours

Explore the UAE and enjoy its rich culture and history while having some adventure at the same time. This tour package provides a pre-planned itinerary at a fixed cost and has limited departure tickets sold to customers on a first-come-first-serve basis. The well-experienced and knowledgeable tour agents of Desert Holiday Tours will provide an exciting and memorable tour experience to enjoy with family and friends. Group tours are one of Desert Holiday Tours' signature packages.

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Customized Tours

Tell us your requirement and budget we will organize tailor-made tours for you. Activities such as desert safaris, camel rides, preferred sightseeing tours, and combo tours can be provided. All these can be arranged as family holiday packages or redesigned for couples looking to visit the UAE on their honeymoon. These personalized tours are designed based on your interests and preferences because we believe in giving all our customers a wonderful experience during their stay in UAE.

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Day Tours

Day Tours offered by Desert Holiday Tours are focused on giving customers an insight into Abu Dhabi's rich traditions and culture. Hence, these types of trips offer travellers a chance to visit historical and cultural attractions in Abu Dhabi and capture some great images of the many places this city has in store.

Speak to us

You are always welcome to speak to our friendly customer care agents to assist you with any queries or additional information you may need. Once you’ve chosen us, you can conveniently book tour packages directly via our website. With us, your most-awaited tour of the UAE will be made a reality!