Where Luxury Meets the Endless Sands

Bedouins have inhabited the desert for centuries, but for a normal person used to the modern world, living or staying in the desert might seem similar to living under a rock. But there is a perfect compromise with luxury desert camp abu dhabi desert offers.

Desert Holiday Tour’s new traditional desert camp Sweihan, is the perfect escape from the fast pace of the city to connect with the desert like the Bedouins. Regarded as one of the best desert camp UAE, it redefines the desert experience, seamlessly blending traditional Bedouin warmth with modern comforts. Nestled amidst the dunes, you can immerse yourself in the allure of our air-conditioned rooms or choose the charm of VIP and private Bedouin tents. From a dedicated prayer room to complimentary sandboards, we cater to your every need, ensuring an indulgent and authentic stay.

Yet, our Abu Dhabi desert camp is not just a sanctuary; it's a versatile venue ready to host many events. Whether you seek to create magical moments with entertainment programs, host private or corporate events, provide students with a desert safari, engage in team-building exercises, or gather for a celebration, our luxury desert camp Abu Dhabi stands as the perfect backdrop.

Unwind with comfort in the desert at Telal Sweihan's luxury desert camp Abu Dhabi Download Camp Profile
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Ultimate Desert Camp Setting

Immerse yourself in a desert haven with all the comforts of the modern world. The stunning view of infinite golden dunes is sure to captivate you. Take in the allure of this tranquil setting, the stillness of the vast desert, and the clear desert sky. Watch nature create its masterpiece as the sun creates a live canvas of unmatched beauty at sunrise and sunset by softly adorning the sky with a symphony of vivid hues.

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Authentic Bedouin Experience

You will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in Bedouin customs and culture at Desert Holidays Desert Camp. You will feel the true warmth and friendliness of desert life, from traditional Arabic coffee and dates to the kind greetings of our camp staff.

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Luxurious Camp Stay

The ideal balance of comfort and authenticity can be found in our carefully crafted desert tents. To provide a comfortable stay in the desert, each tent is furnished with modern facilities, soft beds, and private restrooms.

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Gourmet Dining Under the Stars

Enjoy exquisite international and Arabian food in our outdoor eating area. You will savor Middle Eastern cuisine in a mystical environment while dining beneath the stars in the desert sky.

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Adventure and Activities

Our extensive range of activities promises an adrenaline-infused experience, from the exhilarating twists and turns of dune bashing to the serene charm of camel rides through the golden sands. Feel the rush of excitement as you conquer the dunes with sandboarding or revel in the cultural spectacles of belly dance, Tanoura dance, and a mesmerizing fire show.

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Starry Nights and Campfires

Gather around a campfire as night approaches to share stories while marveling at the stars. Clear Sky in the Desert provides a unique stargazing opportunity that is ideal for romantic moments or group bonding.

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Ideal for All Occasions

We guarantee a personalized experience that seamlessly aligns with your preferences because our desert camp booking Abu Dhabi services are tailored to every circumstance. Whether arranging romantic moments under the stars, offering family-friendly adventures, or encouraging cooperation among the dunes, we are skilled in designing experiences that go above and beyond.

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Disconnect to Reconnect

Our Abu Dhabi desert camp is a place to re-establish your connection with the expansiveness of the surroundings, your inner self, and your most treasured relationships in the middle of the desert. Transcend the digital world and create a sanctuary for reflection, self-discovery, and important moments with the serene atmosphere of the desert as the backdrop.

Our Camp Facilities

  • Fully equipped desert camp
  • Water & Electricity
  • Seperate ladies & gents toilet facilities
  • Modern main stage for camp live entertainment shows
  • VIP & Regular sitting area
  • Air conditioned rooms
  • VIP & Private bedouin tents
  • Prayer room
  • Sandboards

Desert Event Experts

Craft exceptional Desert Experiences from intimate gatherings to grand events, as we specialize in curating genuine and luxurious desert occasions. Our dedicated team works closely with you to bring your vision to life. With extensive desert knowledge, we offer a flawless array of desert camp activities Abu Dhabi guests love for your special events.

  • Entertainment Programs
  • Private Desert Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Desert Safari for Students
  • Team Building
  • Gatherings

Camp Activities We Offer

camel ride camp activity
Camel Ride
Sandboarding camp activity
Quad Bike camp activity
Quad Bike
Dune Buggy camp activity
Dune Buggy
Henna Tattoo camp activity
Henna Tattoo
Unlimited Shisha camp activity
Unlimited Shisha
BBQ Buffet Dinner camp activity
BBQ Buffet Dinner
Falcon Photoshoot camp activity
Falcon Photoshoot
Arabic Costume Photoshoot camp activity
Arabic Costume Photoshoot
Tea, Coffee & Soft Drinks camp activity
Tea, Coffee & Soft Drinks
Belly Dance Show camp activity
Belly Dance Show
Tanoura Show camp activity
Tanoura Show
Fire Show camp activity
Fire Show
Bon Fire camp activity
Bon Fire
cartoon character camp activity
Cartoon Character Photoshoot